Juggl. Simple school communication.

Receive messages and appointments - all in one app.

Juggl allows schools and teachers to communicate securely with students and parents.
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Install it now!

Install Juggl from the app store by using the links below or by searching for 'juggl'.

After installing, open up the app and select "I'm a new user". Follow the sign-up wizard.

Once you've verified your phone number, you will be taken to your Juggl inbox.

We're done! You should now be ready to receive messages and events from your school.

How to join a group.

You can easily join any group you have a code for.

Open the side menu. To open the side menu, simply tap on the , then tap on "join a group".

Enter a group code. To join any group, you will need a group code. Once you've entered the group code, tap on .

How to send a message.

You can post messages to groups that you've created or groups where you've been made a poster.

Open your group. Tap on the to bring up the message posting screen.

Type your message. When you're done, simply tap the to send.

How to share a group.

Sharing a group to get others to join is easy. Just follow the steps below.

Create the group. Tap on the in the Groups screen to create a new group. Pick a name and description, then tap the button.

Share Group. Tap on the icon to choose how you want to share the group.

Send the invitation.Once you share the group code with people, they will be able to download the app and join the group.

How to share a photo.

You can share photos with your groups by following the easy steps below.

Open your group. Tap on the to bring up the image sharing screen.

New or existing photo? Choose if you'd like to take a new photo, or use one already on your phone.

Caption and send!Once you've selected a photo, or taken a new one - tap on the to share the photo.

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